Indonesia Halal Regulation and Its Document Requirements

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Part 1 Halal Haram Concept and The Importance of Halal Certification
Part 2  Indonesia Halal Regulation and Standard
Part 3  Halal Certification Stakeholders
Part 4  Documents Requirements of Indonesia Halal Certification Process
Part 5 Halal Certification Process


Lihat Kelas : Indonesia Halal Regulation and It’s Document Requirements

The Halal market is on the rise and businesses need to produce Halal products that comply with Halal regulations. Indonesia is home to the largest Muslim population and is a major target for the global market. According to Constitution Number 3 of 2014, all products that are imported, distributed, and marketed in Indonesia must be Halal certified, except for products that are not required to be Halal certified and those that contain haram material. To comply with these regulations, companies must have a wide knowledge of the Halal certification process to make it easier and faster. In this class, the audience of Insan Halal can gain an overview of the Halal certification process in Indonesia, which applies not only to the manufacturing industry but also to service industries such as slaughterhouses and logistics.


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