Halal Critical Materials in Food and Beverage Industry

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Part 1 Material Knowledge and Halal Standard
Part 2 Halal Critical Point of Animal- Derived Material
Part 3 Halal Critical Point of Plant-Derived Material
Part 4
Halal Critical Point of Microbial Product
Part 5 Halal Supporting Documents


Lihat Kelas : Indonesia Halal Regulation and It’s Document Requirements

Along with the rapid development of the halal industry, producers or manufacturers are required to provide halal products made from halal ingredients and produced in facilities that comply with halal regulations. The food and beverage industry uses complex ingredients that undergo processing, making it crucial to ensure the halal status of each ingredients. Understanding the critical points of halal ingredients is essential, as it can influence the halal status of the final product. Insan Halal, you will gain a lot of knowledge about the critical points of halal materials in this e-learning class. By learning about the critical points of halal ingredients and the required documentation, individuals involved in halal certification will be better prepared to carry out the certification process.


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