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The IHATEC learning curriculum has been prepared in accordance with BPJPH regulations and is based on the most updated SKKNI!

The IHATEC learning curriculum has been prepared in accordance with BPJPH regulations and is based on the most updated SKKNI!

Halal auditor & Halal slaughterer

Halal auditor & Halal slaughterer

pelatihan Kompetensi Auditor Halal berbasis SKKNI
Kompetensi Juru Sembelih Halal berbasis SKKNI
Kompetensi Juru Sembelih Halal berbasis SKKNI

Halal Supervisor & Halal Management Team

Halal Supervisor & Halal Management Team

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1. How do I register for Halal Training at IHATEC?

Registration can be done via online registration on the site www.ihatec.com or by contacting IHATEC Customer Service Whatsapp on number wa.me/6281188888583

2. What is the difference between Regular Training and IHATEC Inhouse Training?

Regular Training is a category of external training where all types of training schedules are available in the IHATEC Terms of Reference (TOR).

Sedangkan, Pelatihan Inhouse merupakan kategori pelatihan eksternal yang dapat diselenggarakan Perusahaan dengan mengirimkan banyak peserta dari satu dan / beberapa anak Perusahaan dalam satu grup Perusahaan dengan minimum partisipan 10 orang. Materi, tanggal dan metode pelatihan bersifat customize dapat disesuaikan dengan permintaan dan kebutuhan perusahaan. Bahasa pengantar yang dapat digunakan adalah Bahasa Indonesia atau Bahasa Inggris, apabila akan menggunakan Bahasa lainnya silahkan Perusahaan menyediakan interpreter professional.

3. What type of training can participants or companies take part in to comply with BPJPH halal certification regulations?

Micro business actors: Implementation of SJPH & Halal Supervisor for Micro, Small Businesses (online) or; Halal Supervisor Competency Based on SKKNI & Implementation of SJPH (online).

Medium & Large Business Actors: Halal Supervisor Competency Based on SKKNI & Implementation of SJPH + Competency Test Bundling (online/offline, Muslim participants)

4. When can registration and payment for the IHATEC Regular Halal Training (Live Interactive Program) be made?

Registration and payment for regular training can be done no later than 2 days before the training starts.

5. What kind of regular training methods does IHATEC use?

Halal Supervisor Training Program Non Bundling category: Online
Halal Supervisor Training Program Bundling category + Competency Test: Online / Offline
Halal Auditor Training Program for Bundling and Non-Bundling categories Competency Test: Online
Halal Slaughterer Training Program: Online
International Class Halal Training Program: Online
Inhouse Training Program: Online/Offline
e-Learning Training Program: IHATEC Website

6. Will participants who do not pass the training still receive a training certificate?

Participants who have not passed the training still receive a training certificate in the form of a certificate of attendance.

7. Where should participants contact to find out more information regarding halal training at IHATEC?

Please contact IHATEC Customer Service at the following number:
Tel/WhatsApp: +62 251 759 7777 (Tel) / +62 811-8888-8583 (Chat Only)
Email : [email protected]

8. What is the IHATEC e-learning training program? What advantages and benefits will participants get?

IHATEC E-Learning Programs is a digital platform owned by IHATEC where participants can take part in training by watching training video recordings, working on case studies, taking post tests, and downloading training modules and certificates directly after the training has been completed.

9. If participants or companies still experience confusion or difficulties in the halal certification process after attending the training, does IHATEC provide assistance?

You don't need to worry because IHATEC CONSULTANT has various service packages that are ready to accompany you and provide the best solutions.

10. What is the mechanism for submitting a tax invoice and sending proof of tax deduction related to training costs at IHATEC?

To request a tax invoice, you can send an email to [email protected] by attaching the training invoice, scan of the company/registrant's NPWP, as well as proof of payment/Training Guarantee Letter. A training certificate will be sent if the participant has provided proof of tax deduction by email [email protected] (if there is a PPH 23 deduction policy) from the submitting company.

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