Frequently Asked Questions

A. Registration for Regular Training

1. How to register for regular online halal training on the halal assurance system and the competence of halal supervisors or halal auditors?

Registration can be done by visiting the e-halaltraining.com website, after that please sign up / register online personal training. The user manual (how to register) can be downloaded on the website.

2. When can registration for halal training take place?

Registration can be done as soon as possible (2 weeks before implementation) due to the limited training quota (65 participants per batch)

3. Should all available types of training be followed?

Tidak, perusahaan hanya dianjurkan mengikuti salah satu jenis pelatihan” untuk memenuhi persyaratan pelatihan eksternal ( diikuti minimal sekali dalam 2 tahun) sesuai dengan jenis usaha dan kebutuhan perusahaan untuk mengajukan sertifikasi halal atau menjadi seorang penyelia halal.

4. What is the difference between HAS Regular Online Training and HAS Inhouse Training?

Regular training is a category of external halal training where all types of training are available in the TOR, outside of inhouse training. In this case, companies / individuals can send representatives of participants / employees (at least 1 person) and one of these training can be chosen according to the needs of the company, where the language of instruction in this training is Indonesian; whereas Inhouse Training is a category of external halal training that can be held by companies to fulfill the requirements of halal certification or become a halal supervisor / halal auditor, where this training is a form of collaboration between IHATEC and companies, in which companies must be able to fulfill their responsibilities as stated in contract. This training can be conducted in Indonesian or English as requested by the company.

5. What is meant by certification / competency test for halal supervisor / Halal Auditor?

The halal supervisor competency test is carried out in order to ensure the competence of the Halal Supervisor, hereby the MUI Professional Certification Agency (LSP) which is the only license holder of the competency certification in the field of halal product assurance from the National Professional Certification Agency (BSNP) is ready to carry out Competency Certification for Mr & Halal Supervisor or Halal Auditor. Halal Supervisors or Halal Auditors who are declared competent will be registered with the National Competency Certification Agency and obtain a COMPETENCY CERTIFICATE recognized by the state. In this case the competency test certificate is personal (not owned by the company).

6. Where should the participants contact if they want to find out more information regarding the Halal Supervisor or Halal Auditor Certification at LSP MUI?

Customer Support LSP MUI : +6281 1193 9295.

Email : [email protected]

7. How to make payment?
Pemayaran hanya dapat dilakukan melalui transfer ke rekening berikut :
Nama                   : PT IHATEC
Nomor Rekening :9006002550
Nama Bank          : Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI)
Kode Bank            : 451
Swift Code             : BSMDIDJAXXX
Alamat Bank         : Jl. Raya Pajajaran No. 63, Bogor
8. Does the Public Training fee include tax?

Biaya Training belum termasuk Ppn 11%, untuk permintaan faktur pajak silakan diemail ke [email protected] dengan melampirkan invoice yang telah diterima sebelumnya.

9. Is there a refund system in case of regular training cancellation?

Refunds can be made by filling out the refund form provided that if the resignation is submitted <5 days before the training, an administration fee of 50% of the training fee will be charged. Information on participant resignation is submitted via email [email protected]

10. What type of training should be followed for the halal certification process or to become a halal supervisor / halal auditor?

> Companies are recommended to take one type of regular training to meet the requirements in the halal certification process for products or become a halal supervisor and for new companies they can take training no 1, 2,3,4,6 (according to company needs), while for companies or participants who will extend their halal certification or refreshment of external training can take part in training no 2,3,4, or 5. Specifically for halal auditor candidates, the requirements can take part in training No.7, namely halal Auditor competency training. The participant requirements for the type of training no.2 and 7 must be Muslim

11. Where can we get information regarding training schedules, offers and IHATEC halal training procedures?

Please visit the official IHATEC website at www.ihatec.com/agenda/

12. Apa yang dimaksud dengan uji kompetensi pada pelatihan No. 2 ?

Participants who will take part in the Regular SJH bundling and the competency test will receive 2 certificates, namely a halal training certificate from IHATEC and a Competency Certificate which is given directly by the National Body for Personal Certification (BNSP) of the Republic of Indonesia through LSP MUI.

13. Where should the participants contact if they want to find out more information regarding the IHATEC halal training?

Office / Promotion Support: + 62251-7597777 / 0811 1201 940 (Tel / Whatasapp)

Email : [email protected]

14. Does the IHATEC halal training certificate have a validity period?

The IHATEC halal training certificate does not have a validity period, only companies are recommended to take external halal training at least once every 2 years to apply for halal certification.

15. Does a discount system apply if more than one person registers for regular training activities?

There are no discounts for regular IHATEC training.

16. When is the deadline for payment for training activities?

Payment for in-house training is made a maximum of one week before the date of the in-house training, while for the implementation of regular training, it is a maximum of 5 (five) days before the training date

B. Implementation of Regular Training

1. How do trainees submit worksheets?

Worksheets that have been worked on are collected via email [email protected]

2. When is the Post Test training held?

The training participants take a post test on the 3rd day of training

3. Where do the trainees take the post test?

Training participants take a post test via the e-halaltraining.com website. Please log in with the username and password used during training registration then click the "Exam" menu

4. What should the trainees do after taking the post test?

After the training participants have done the post test, please "Input CSI" to fill participants' satisfaction with the training that was followed through e-halaltraining.com. There are 3 types of CSI that must be filled in: module, committee (service) and trainer from 5 types of assessment: very good, good, enough, less, very less

5. What if training participants forget their username and password to log in to e-halaltraining.com?

Please contact Technical Support HALO IHATEC: 0811 1120 445

6. How long does the committee give for the post test?

The time given by the committee to the training participants to do the post test for 45 minutes

7. Will participants who do not pass the training get a training certificate?

Participants who have not passed the training still receive a training certificate in the form of an attendance certificate which can be used to fulfill one of the requirements for applying for halal certification or competency test for halal supervisor or halal auditor.

C. Post (Regular, Inhouse)

1. When do trainees get halal training certificates?

Soft copy of training certificate will be sent by email no later than 3 days after the training is held. And a hard copy of the certificate will be sent to each participant's address.

2. What should be done after participants have attended halal training?

Please contact BPJPH and the relevant LPH for the halal certification registration process
BPJPH Customer: +62 811-1171-019 or contact the selected Halal Inspection Agency.

D. Registration & Payment (Inhouse)

1. What is the procedure for submitting SJH Inhouse training and the competence of halal supervisors or halal auditors?

Registration can be done by visiting the e-halaltraining.com website, after that please sign up / register a corporate trainer. User manual (how to register can be downloaded on the website. If you want to know more information before registering at e-halaltraining.com, please send it via email [email protected] or Whastapp and Tel to 08111201940

2. What is the procedure for submitting a date for inhouse training?

Companies are welcome to submit the desired inhouse training date (Monday-Friday) via email [email protected], after which we will inform the scheduling department for the assign trainer to be on duty whether it is available / not on that date. If it turns out that the inhouse quota is full, we will inform the company via email to you to be able to submit another alternative date via email [email protected] according to the inhouse registration that was submitted previously. If IHATEC has confirmed it, then we will send an inhouse training agreement to the company TTD. The technical implementation of the training will be delivered via the registered company email.

3. Can the halal assurance system inhouse training be carried out outside Indonesia?

Yes, inhouse training can be carried out outside Indonesia, with the language of instruction in English.

4. What if the company's PIC asks for a discount or discount for inhouse training?

Can submit a fee relief offer by attaching an official offer letter from the company

5. Can the committee / company PIC who are not written as in-house participants participate in the training?

IHATEC has a policy that companies are allowed to send a maximum of 3 observers (both PIC / official / staff outside the inhouse participants in the contract agreement) to attend the training, provided that they cannot carry out the post test and will not receive a training certificate.

6. What is the difference between 1 day and 2 days inhouse training?

The 1-day inhouse training is usually aimed at companies that will extend their halal certification, in this case the training material is refreshment only, not delivered thoroughly, but it is enough to be understood in knowing how the halal certification process is.

2 days inhouse training is recommended for companies that will apply for / register for halal certification. Because from the material side, it is the most complete way to know how to process and how to get halal certification.

7. If there are additional participants at the time of the in-house training training implementation and it exceeds the range of participants in the previous contract, do you have to change the contract?

We have a policy of adding a maximum of 3 participants, these participants will be counted as observers and will not receive a training certificate. If all participants want to get a certificate, the contract will be revised

8. When is the deadline for payment for training activities?

Payment for in-house training is made a maximum of one week before the date of the in-house training

E. International Training

1. Where can I check the schedule and how much does it cost?

“Kindly check https://training-internasional/ “

2. What if i can't login or forgot password?

Kindly chat us with pressing the whatsapp button on the bottom right side or send email to [email protected]

3. What if i don't have whatsapp?

Kindly email to [email protected] and we will email the materials.

4. What if i need other inquiries?

Kindly chat to this number https://wa.me/message/DQOAJVVUBIF3D1

5. What is the difference of HAS Impelementation & Halal Supervisor with Update of Halal Regulation & HAS Implementation Refreshment ?

HAS Impelementation & Halal Supervisor is training for new person that first time join the training, and Update of Halal Regulation & HAS Implementation Refreshment is training for the person who have joined the training and want to know the update the regulations and get HAS implentation Refresment.

6. How to register the training?

Kindly check the https://www.e-halaltraining.com/login

7. How to sign up?

Kindly use the user manual in english version on the left side of website

8. What if i need invoice with company stamps?

Kindly email to [email protected]

9. When is the last day of payment?

The last day of payment is D-1 Training but if you have some issues or need more time to process the payment, kindly inform us and you can join the training and your e certificate will release after the payment is done

10. What if i can't join the zoom?

You can join the Youtube Streaming using link that we sent .

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